Ever dream of having a whole team of professional personal assistants right at your fingertips?

Well now, INFINITI of Ontario is making that dream a reality.

You can get driving directions, movie times, sports scores, dining reservations, and much more using the INFINITI Personal Assistant. This mobile concierge service is like Google on steroids or having an insanely personalized talking version of the Yellow Pages on your phone. There is no limit to the number of services that can be provided! Your INFINITI Personal Assistant will greet you by name and be there for you whether you need them to make travel arrangements on your behalf, provide you with consumer product reviews, or even give you gift suggestions.

Anyone who purchases a new or used INFINITI vehicle will receive 1 year of unlimited access to this complementary service. Upon purchasing your vehicle, an INFINITI representative will register your preferred phone number and provide you with the toll-free number you can call to access your own INFINITI Personal Assistant!

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