Approaching the End of Your Lease?

INFINITI of ONTARIO is your certified INFINITI and NISSAN Lease Center
If you are approaching the end of your lease and are wondering what to do. INFINITI of ONTARIO, can provide you with options, especially if you have 12 months or less remaining on your lease. Allow us to assist you in selecting a decision that is right for you.


  • 1 - Schedule your pre-return vehicle inspection
  • 2 - Decide if you want to make repairs (if any)
  • 3 - Make an appointment with INFINITI of ONTARIO
  • 4 - Complete a federal odometer/lease termination statement
  • 5 - Satisfy any lease liability fees/charges
  • 6 - Satisfy any additional charges

Your Options:

Option 1: REPLACE IT

  • Return your current leased vehicle and drive away in something new.
    You can exchange your leased INFINITI/NISSAN and Buy or Lease a new INFINITI

You can exchange your leased INFINITI/NISSAN and Buy or Lease a new INFINITI

Whether you leased your current INFINITI or NISSAN from INFINITI of ONTARIO, one of or sister dealerships or another dealer, these options allows you to return your INFINITI or NISSAN and drive off in a brand new INFINITI! Our staff will be more than happy to show you the latest models and discuss additional options you may consider. Simply email us for more information.

Option 2: RETURN IT

  • If you don’t want to get into a new INFINITI, you can return your vehicle to INFINITI of ONTARIO… Let us guide you through your vehicle return process.

With this option, whether you have leased your vehicle from INFINITI of ONTARIO or not, you can return and conclude your lease. First, you must schedule and complete a free vehicle inspection during the last six months of your lease. Upon completing your inspection, you must satisfy any outstanding payments, excess wear and use, excessive mileage fees, and any other end-of-term obligations specified in your lease agreement. Just return your lease INFINITI or NISSAN and we’ll take care of all the paperwork.


  • If you don’t want to part ways with your current INFINITI or NISSAN lease, learn how to purchase your lease instead of returning it.

For those of you who have grown to love your INFINITI or NISSAN and its reliability, performance and high resale value, buying your leased INFINITI or NISSAN is the best option for you. We can provide you with information regarding low financing rates and extended protection plans should you wish to purchase your leased vehicle.

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